Jun 19 @ 10:00 pm – Jun 20 @ 12:00 am
A weekly party born from the brains of Justin Aswell and friends featuring the best in electronic, hip hop & forward music for the truly awesome human being.
Knocturnal: A weekly party born from the brains of Justin Aswell and friends featuring the best in electronic, hip hop & forward music for the truly awesome human being.
Le Bang
Jun 21 @ 9:00 pm – 11:30 pm

Before there was light, there was sound. Come writhe and wriggle as proto-rhythmic psycho-active jams swirl about and merge with each and every molecule in your body. Tune in, turn on, expand infinitely.

Every Thursday, resident DJ, Buckmaster, fills the void with a rotating cast of DJs and performers from the neighborhood and around the world for activated brains to explore.

Josh Daniel/Mark Schimick Project at Resident Culture Brewing
Jun 23 @ 3:00 pm – 9:00 pm

The Josh Daniel/Mark Schimick Project is a fiery string band blending bluegrass, soul, reggae and rock n’ roll into a style uniquely their own. Respecting their Appalachian roots, these passionate multi-instrumentalists have a way of blending their harmonies and intricate string work in to something that appeals to a wide variety of listeners.

Yacht Rock Revue at Moo & Brew
Jun 24 @ 4:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Yacht Rock Revue is a tribute band which plays music from the 70’s, and also produces some of their original work. The members of the band have played alongside some really talented artists like Billy Joel, John Mayer, Noel Gallagher, Starbuck, Bon Jovi, as well as the Saturday Night Live Band. They are mainly known for their remarkable songs like ‘Can’t Wait for Summer,’ ‘Heart of Rock and Roll’ and ‘More than a Woman.’

Bone Snugs-N-Harmony
Jun 24 @ 6:00 pm – Jun 25 @ 12:00 am

Bryan Pierce hosts a weekly karaoke party to rock your face off & squeeze that last little bit of awesome out of the weekend!! Putting it down in the heart of your favorite hood! YES, it kicks off at 6pm so you early to bed types still have room on the clock for rock before the Sandman enters!!!

Lisa De Novo at Legion Brewing
Jun 25 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Lisa began singing and songwriting at a very young age. By age 10, she had 3 albums handwritten in journals. She started performing at community outreaches through music, drama, and dance, then branched out to open mics and solo gigs. “I’ve been in love with music for as long as I can remember. I tried out different career paths, but the only thing that felt right for me was music. Music is a powerful thing. It allows you to get things off your chest while connecting with others on a very deep level.”


Lisa’s influences include Amy Winehouse, Florence and the Machine, Foster the People, Lights, Ed Sheran, Above and Beyond, Odesza, and Coldplay. In October 2016, she released her first solo EP the Stars Align – now available on itunes and spotify. She has done several electronic dance music collaborations with DJ’s all over the world. The songs have more than 300,000 hits on youtube. 


The alternative pop/rock band – Lisa De Novo Band – is made up of singer-songwriter Lisa De Novo, lead guitarist Zach Willard, bass player Michael Lanigan, and drummer Mitch Moore. “We’ve officially been a band since April 2017 after I asked the guys to join me at Shakedown Festival. We could tell after the first time we jammed together, that we instantly clicked. The guys heard my songs and added their own unique twists to them! My jaw dropped and I knew we had to make an album.”

The Big Bang marks Lisa De Novo’s first full-length studio album. “Recording was a very difficult process. There were so many setbacks like losing my voice from late night gigs and early morning studio sessions as well as struggling to make time to write and practice.” Lisa worked hard to complete the album with a packed schedule, working more than 60 hours a week. In order to fund the album, she taught music at two different preschools, worked a studio job, hosted open mic nights, played shows, and led worship at her church—with little or no time off. Despite the personal sacrifices and recording challenges, Lisa embraces the art form of the recording process at its core. “Guitar takes were the hardest because there are so many ways to strum a G chord! The harmonies were the most fun because I was able to experiment with new vocal sounds and sing notes I never knew I could sing.’


The Big Bang Album is a unique blend of pop, soul, and alternative rock. Combining Mitch’s metal drum background, Michael’s funk bass techniques, Zach’s progressive rock guitar style, with Lisa’s sweet yet soulful voice, the album evokes a truly organic sound. The album includes 7 full band songs, including “Not Giving Up,” “Cigarette Love Song,” and the crowd favorite “Monkey See, Monkey Do.” There are also 3 acoustic songs that feature different instruments giving the album an exciting dynamic vibe.


Please join them for the Big Bang CD release show on 5/5/18!


*A portion of the proceeds will go to Girls Rock Charlotte – a nonprofit organization that amplifies the confidence of ALL girls and women through the power of music.

Lisa De Novo debuts first full length album The Big Bang on 5-5-18 at the Visulite Theater! Click here for tickets

Jun 25 @ 10:00 pm – Jun 26 @ 12:00 am
A weekly party born from the brains of Justin Aswell and friends featuring the best in electronic, hip hop & forward music for the truly awesome human being.
Knocturnal: A weekly party born from the brains of Justin Aswell and friends featuring the best in electronic, hip hop & forward music for the truly awesome human being.
Bat Fangs w/ Kissing Is A Crime, Gardeners
Jun 26 @ 9:00 pm – 11:00 pm

Tuesday, Jun 26, 2018 9:00 PM
(Doors @ 8:00 PM)
$8 ADV
$10 DOS

Bat Fangs:
Formed in 2016 by guitarist/singer Betsy Wright (Ex Hex) and drummer Laura King (Flesh Wounds, Speed Stick), the duo specialize in prescription-strength shred and churn meant to stiffen the upper lip and crack the third-eye. Slick and sick visions channeled from the midnight mirror world. Acid-soaked hard-rock to thrill the living and raise dead. The band began just as Wright’s other gig, Ex Hex, settled down for an extended breather. After two years touring as a bassist, she was eager to reconnect with the electric guitar and to push her pop-songwriting into freakier territory. She sent a few demos to King, who signed on to play drums. Together, they pushed the music into a deeper, more overtly psychedelic space.

Kissing Is A Crime:
Kissing is a Crime was conceived by singer/guitarist Matt Molnar back in 2012, but formally coalesced only in the last year or so. The intervening time was spent writing, demoing, perfecting, and planning. Raised in New Jersey, Molnar spent his formative years performing in punk and hardcore groups before relocating to Brooklyn where he co-founded the bands Soft Black, Friends, and Pagan Rituals. At the same time, the singer/guitarist was accumulating material for a different type of project — one that would draw from his background in DIY and punk, but also tones of vintage guitar pop.


DJ Steel Wheel
Jun 26 @ 11:00 pm – 11:30 pm
DJ Steel Wheel brings the heat from dub to dancehall to our back patio every Tuesday, 11 pm-2 am
DJ Steel Wheel: Charlotte DJ with SuCasa, AfroPop!, Breakin’ Convention, and Rhythmic Soul Dance Company affiliation
Free Improv Quintet
Jun 27 @ 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm

*FREE CONCERT*, must be 21 & up
Doors open at 7p, Show at 8p

Kyle Sanna,
Erin Rogers,
Dave Bullard,
Troy Conn,
John Shaughnessy,

Free improvised music is created in the moment of the performance, without pre-made concepts or compositions. That doesn’t mean that they are not creating an aesthetic concrete musical form in real time. The extension of the traditional vocabulary of their instruments and the language of free improvised music forms a strong basis which they use to create a landscape of sounds in which silence plays an important role and a defined quality of sound.