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The Rigs release new single “The Hunted”

The Rigs dramatic new single, “The Hunted” is an anguish-filled, emotionally melodic alternative pop track. A harrowing mix of a distorted electric guitars and the hush of timid vocals create a juxtaposition of aesthetics that is instantly captivating.

There’s a visceral feeling of being chased, even stalked, built into the meteoric rise that absolutely comes undone in the powerfully dynamic breakdown. Amidst the sense of unease is a commanding stance, backed by layers of vocals and atmospheric synthy electronic sounds that bolster the independent streak coursing through the melody. “The Hunted” is one of those tracks that stays with you long after the last chord fades away.  Their debut album, “World On Fire,” will be released on November 17th, 2017.


Brian Cetina

Co-founder of Nü Sound. Co-founder of MadPark Designs.

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