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Belle & Sebastian announce EP trilogy

Scottish indie twee music pioneers Belle & Sebastian last released a full length LP in 2015 with Girls In Peacetime Want To Dance, and now they are set to follow up that project with something very different. Instead of opting for a singular full length LP, the band is set to release a trio of new EPs, each one split a month apart. How To Solve Our Human Problems is the title of all three EPs, and each will see the band exploring new genre styles and playing around with the short form format. Part 1 is set to be released on December 8th. Part 2 will follow on January 19th, with Part 3 wrapping things up on February 16th. Check out the cover art and tracklist for each EP below.

To coincide with this announcement the band have released “I’ll Be Your Pilot” – the first single from the EP trilogy, which you can listen to below.


How To Solve Our Human Problems Part 1

01 Sweet Dew Lee

02 We Were Beautiful

03 Fickle Season

04 The Girl Doesn’t Get It

05 Everything Is Now


How To Solve Our Human Problems Part 2

01 Show Me The Sun

02 Same Star

03 I’ll Be Your Pilot

04 Cornflakes

05 A Plague On All Other Boys


How To Solve Our Human Problems Part 3

01 Poor Boy

02 Everything Is Now (Part Two)

03 Too Many Tears

04 There Is An Everlasting Song

05 Best Friend


You can pre-order all 3 EPs here.

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