The Color Wild release new video, talk with us about upcoming plans.

How did you guys all meet and when did you know you had something with the band?

Jesse: three of us are brothers, and we started playing music about 12 years ago. When we started The Color Wild, we were without a guitarist, and we turned to Josh, who we met in high school. He was the perfect final piece that helped craft the band’s sound. After a few practices in 2015, we realized that we had a special chemistry and what we thought was a unique sonic character. It was an amazing feeling that hasn’t stopped since!

Describe playing small shows and growing as a musician into where you are now?

Jesse: Smaller shows have presented a really special opportunity to learn how to connect with crowds. When you’re playing for 10 people, you have to work hard to give EACH of them something they will never forget. The same can be said about 100, 1000, and so on. As our shows have gotten bigger, we’ve always made it a priority to translate that mentality and make sure we give the whole room an energetic and memorable experience. Our ventures, sounds, and aspirations have grown immensely, but that attitude hasn’t changed one bit.

Who are some of your influences then and now?

All: Our influences range from Walk the Moon, Two Door Cinema Club, The 1975, COIN, Muse, Nick Santino, Neck Deep, 80’s pop music, and Paramore. It goes without saying that we have a pretty eclectic taste in music- but I suppose we just said it anyway. 🙂

What’s the song writing process like?

Josh: The songwriting process for us is pretty natural. Usually it’ll involve me or Jesse playing with a musical idea and bringing it to the table at practice. We all kind of just leave our ideas open but once we’re all together and working with an idea we like, the songs seem to come together really easily. It’s a great thing we’ve got.

What’s your favorite tour story?

Kyle: My favorite tour story was when the drummer from Sleeptalk and I wrestled on a twin sized bed after putting a few brews down. I also loved when a house party show in Denton TX turned into a bunch of college kids goin crazy over our music!

Talk to me about your new music and plans for the back half of 2017?

Jaden: We just announced the release date of our EP “Clean” for August 25, 2017 and we couldn’t be more excited! We wanted to create something that was timeless and meaningful to us as a band, so we put a LOT of ourselves into it. We spent countless days writing, rehearsing, (and driving) in LA and Sacramento to record for about a year and a half with some incredible engineers and our producer, Erik Ron.

We plan on spending the rest of 2017 touring and promoting our EP- building our fan base and reaching as many people as we can is incredibly important to us!

Who is your favorite comic book character?

Jaden:  My favorite comic book character would have to be your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

Josh: Ant-Man! He’s so small, but he packs such a big punch!

Kyle: Wonderwoman.

Jesse: I like tech, I think smart people are cool, and red & gold look sweet together. So for me, it’s Iron Man!


Brian Cetina

Co-founder of Nü Sound. Co-founder of MadPark Designs.

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