Father John Misty invites you on an animated “Date Night”

Father John Misty released his latest full length God’s Favorite Customer at the very beginning of June. Mostly the push from FJM for this LP has been minimal. We didn’t get any lengthy interviews, or big sales pitches. Instead, he opted to share a number of singles from the LP leading up to its release. Two tracks have wound up as pretty solid videos, one being traditional, the other stop-motion animated. And now we’ve got a third with the psychedelic, bizarrely animated “Date Night.”

God’s Favorite Customer may not be any sort of grand artistic statement, but what it lacks in that department it makes up for with variety. The album comes in at just 10 standard-length songs, moving from stripped down balladry to more upbeat rock songs. “Date Night” is part of the latter, with its constantly pounding rhythm and quick running time. The video in some ways mimics its movement by having the animated scenes constantly shifting and morphing into something else. It’s a nice little video for your Monday morning. Give it a watch below.

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