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CJ Teffner releases new album ‘Stars’

"Five years in the making, this record is a collection of songs showcasing Teffner's journey of personal growth."

From a young age, Teffner has channeled his passion into the world of music. Hailing from Phoenix, Arizona, Teffner has a myriad of talents; as a celebrated songwriter, studio musician, producer, and mastering engineer, he has worked with many bands had celebrated countless releases. Accolades include studio sessions with legendary producer Murray Krugman (Blue Oyster Cult) James Ball (Aerosmith, Joan Jett), while production credits include co-writing and producing with many regional artists and bands.


“Stars is the most vulnerable, personal group of songs I’ve written,” explains Teffner. “I labored over them, stressed about them, I questioned myself if I could even dare to share these songs. Two of the three originals were written almost five years ago, but they, or I, wasn’t ready. They are songs of hope, regret, finding inner strength and forgiveness. Finishing and releasing Stars is cathartic for me.”

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