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MAYPINE release new EP ‘Bend/Break’

Alt-rock quintet MAYPINE have released their new EP Bend/Break!

maypine bend/break

  1. Give
  2. Kodokushi
  3. Weather
  4. Together Alone

Vocalist Jase shared, “It is a record that portrays a struggle. Not only does the lyrical content reflect this, but it was a tough record to write. It’s definitely the truest reflection of our band and the music we want to create, with a real melting pot of influences that captures our vastly different musical tastes, to really sound the way we want MAYPINE to sound. I think we’re all extremely proud of what we managed to create and we’re really excited for people to hear it; we can only hope that it resonates with whomsoever listens to it in the way that it does with us.”

Jase added,“‘Bend/Break’ is a therapeutic record. I had so many emotions and so much frustration that I need to expel through music. It’s definitely helped the healing process.”

Pick up the self-released record physically (here) or digitally (here).

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