Watch Frances Quinlan talk about the making of Hop Along’s “How Simple” video

As we reach the midpoint of the year, it still seems fairly evident that one of the most standout releases came from Hop Along. Their new album Bark Your Head Off, Dog is an album that deserves even more attention than it’s already getting. The ever-shifting melodies and catchy nature combine effortlessly to produce one of the most compelling and emotionally engaging albums of the year. Shortly after its release, the band shared a nice little video for the opening track and lead single “How Simple.” Now the band have given us a small peek behind the curtain of the making of the video.

The new behind-the-scenes video is less about watching the literal making of it, and more interview-based. Cut together with much of the video itself, leader Frances Quinlan talks in depth about the inspiration and ideas behind what you see. Her description of the video as being “David Lynch meets Beetlejuice meets a dance party” is the most spot-on quote here. And now before you dive into this making-of/interview, take this as another chance to listen to Bark Your Head Off, Dog. Personally, it’s been on rotation since its release, but maybe you neglected it (shame on you). Stream it now.

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