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Paramore pulls our pal Dorian Lackey on stage to perform with the band.

Congrats to Dorian for getting to live a dream that all our younger emo selves would cherish forever.

Dorian’s facebook reiterates his joy:
“Last night was unreal for me. I got to sing with a band I’ve been following since ’04, a band whose song I heard on a video game named Sims 2, and immediately fell in love at such a young age when I heard the actual lyrics and songs. A lot of people know how much I love Paramore, but I can’t even tell you how much they’ve helped me through some of the toughest times of my life just through music, and how big of an influence Hayley is to me vocally. I am forever blessed and grateful for this opportunity @paramore @yelyahwilliams @zacfarro @tayloryorkyall and I will NEVER forget this night! I love you guys to death! @ Heritage Park Amphitheatre”


Brian Cetina

Co-founder of Nü Sound. Co-founder of MadPark Designs.

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