Dirty Projectors share great new single “That’s A Lifestyle”

That old Dirty Projectors sound is back, and it’s high time to get excited again. A few weeks ago the art-rock indie band announced that a new album was on the way. So far Lamp Lit Prose (coming July 13) sounds like a course-correction from the very recent past of the band. Just a year ago, we did get a new Dirty Projectors album, but it was primarily a solo effort from frontman Dave Longstreth. It was also a step away from their guitar-driven sound into a more electronic/R&B direction. For what it’s worth, it’s not at all a bad record. But it just wasn’t what a lot of Dirty Projectors fans really wanted. Now, though, it seems things are coming back on track.

With the announcement of Lamp Lit Prose, the band debuted their new lineup with lead single “Break-Thru.” Although that track did harken back to the sound fans fell in love with, it still felt oddly out of sorts (and not in the usual, good way) Now though, the band have maybe shown more of what the LP will sound like with the second single, “That’s A Lifestyle.” The new track immediately recalls the band’s masterpiece Bitte Orca from 2009. Its angular, strangely composed guitar parts weave in and out seamlessly as Longstreth’s peculiar vocals dive inside the instrumentation. It also has some of those great backing vocals from new members that we’ve all been wanting to hear. In short, it’s a great return-to-form (while, yes, still be an evolution in sound in a way). Check out the animated video for the track right after this word.

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