Moses Sumney shares extended version of “Make Out In My Car”

Moses Sumney released one of the sleeper albums of 2017 with his debut titled Aromanticism. It’s a tight, short collection of songs that create a gorgeous, foggy atmosphere. Each track informs the others, and despite the album feeling like one fluid movement there is one song a lot of people seem to take (very) slight issue with. About halfway through the LP comes “Make Out In My Car,” a fairly sparse track about, well, isn’t it obvious? It’s not a bad song. I don’t think Sumney makes those. But it certainly does throw a slight churn into the movement of the album. Now, Moses Sumney seems to be reacting to the detractors because he’s just dropped a new and improved version.

The new version of “Make Out In My Car” is leaps and bounds better than the album version. The new one adds about 2 minutes more of music, which makes it feel way more complete. The track comes packed in a new video which focuses entirely on Moses Sumney’s mouth. Give it a watch below.

It may not be a summery album, but Aromanticism still deserves your ears. Pick it up here, or stream it here.


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