St. Vincent shares “Fast Slow Disco”

St. Vincent released the underrated, glittery Masseduction back in October last year. The album itself is a natural evolution of her sound. On the face of it, it marries her more understated beginnings with the maximalist art rock of her recent years. It swings around from sinister pop to some of the prettiest ballads she’s ever written. One of those great ballads is the phenomenal penultimate track “Slow Disco.” Well, since touring behind the album for months now, she’s been adapting it for the stage, making it much dancier. And now we’ve got a studio version of it.

“Fast Slow Disco” reimagines the slow ballad into a full-out club track. The new track matches the busier songs from Masseduction in terms of layered production, but it’s undeniably the most dance-like song she’s ever created. Live it was referred to as “Gay Disco,” but here it’s been aptly renamed. Give it a listen down below.

Still waiting on that alternate, sparser version of Masseduction? Yeah, we don’t when or if that’s coming out anytime soon. In the meantime, stream the original version right here.


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