Arctic Monkeys drop new video for “Four Out Of Five”

Arctic Monkeys released their long-awaited sixth studio album Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino last Friday. The band opted out of sharing any pre-release singles from the LP, which makes total sense when you hear the whole thing. The album marks a drastic change in direction for a band whose career has always been to swerve left when you think you know where they’re going. This time around things seem completely different though. The guitars take a back seat as piano leads the way through tracks with sci-fi imagery and lyrical tangents from Alex Turner. In fact, the entire thing kinda works as stepping into the mind of Turner. In the end, the album largely hangs together as being a concise collection of tracks that all bleed together. The end result is an album you need to hear in full to truly experience.

But, looks like the band have decided to drop a new single anyway, albeit after the album released. It’s actually a refreshing move considering these days it’s like almost half an album is released before we hear the entire thing. The first single is “Four Out Of Five,” which is easily the most single-ready track on the LP. Most songs are devoid of any clear hooks, but this one has a really nice one. It’s a good way to introduce you into the world of Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino (a title that cleverly doubles as the setting of all the songs on the album). The video itself also gives us a little peek into what this hotel may look like, so now when you play the album you have some more clear imagery to go with it. Give it a watch below here.

Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino is out now and worth hearing in full. Stream it right here, or purchase it here.


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