Watch a full visual album stream of Beach House’s ‘7’

Yesterday the dream pop duo Beach House released their hotly anticipated seventh studio album 7It’s an album that was preceding by a handful of singles, most of which had a trippy visual accompaniment. Now, the band have put together a full visual accompaniment for the entire LP all in one video.

is an LP marked by a refreshing change in sound for the band. Although the band have never gotten stale or played it safe (despite what some may tell you), the new LP sees them reaching new heights of densely layered sounds. It’s an album complete with more live drumming than ever before, a more widescreen soundscape, and some of the most gorgeously arranged music the band have ever created. And that’s saying a whole lot considering the band have always been making gorgeously arranged music. But somehow stands apart from all the stuff that came before. If the 2017 b-sides compilation was the band closing the door on the first 1-2 eras of their career, is the start of something new. It’s a dizzying, dark, psychedelic work that deserves to be experienced loud and with some quality headphones.

Thankfully, the band have also given us all this dizzying and psychedelic visual video for the entire album. So, set aside some time this weekend and dive into Beach House’s fully-releaized new work. Set this video on full screen, sit back, and try to let all the sounds and visuals crash over you. But be forewarned, you might get a bit nauseous.

Now that you’ve done that, buy a copy of right here.


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