Watch Arcade Fire’s short film/music video “Money + Love”

Arcade Fire have been hit-or-miss lately. The reason this is worth sharing, is because when the band really want to, they still prove that they can soar. 2013’s Reflektor showed the strain of a band trying hard to create another magnum opus, and it failed a little because of that. Were there still good songs? Of course. But, as a whole it failed to live up to the standards of their first three records. This became even more of a thing with the release of last year’s underwhelming Everything Now. That album seemed troubled from the get-go. The marketing that lead up to its release was kind of a disaster, and when it came down to it the album just had a few too many unoriginal ideas.

Having said that, don’t let any of this dissuade you from taking a chance on giving the album a listen. For what it’s worth, the album does deliver on a number of spots throughout the LP. Sometimes things get a little too bogged down in tiresome melodies or cliche subject matters. But every other song or so there’s some real fire. The album does get a little too much hate, and I think to try and counteract that the band have taken several steps back in terms of pushing the album onto audiences.

Since its release, the main push from the band has been on touring, which I’m sure is utterly phenomenal. They’ve also shared a few remixes here and there, but this week they started teasing something called “Money + Love,” and honestly from the get-go it seemed very obvious what they were doing. It was clearly going to be some long video for the tracks “Put Your Money On Me” and “We Don’t Deserve Love,” and yesterday we got exactly that. The video itself  runs 15 minutes (though the last 3 minutes or so are just credits). It has an artistic vision that works for what the album itself is trying to sell, and the songs are two of the best from the album. They also go back-to-back on the album so watching them contained to one long video works really nicely. Check out the full thing right below here.

Maybe Everything Now is bettie than we all remember it being. Give it a stream over here to hear for yourself and make your own opinions.


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