The Nectars drop space-themed video for “I Want It”

The Nectars are getting ready to launch into your lives with the upcoming release of their debut album Sci-Fi Television on May 25. The lo-fi punk group, led by the charismatic Jessica Kenny, previously shared the thrashy lead-off single “Heaven” back in January. Now, the band is coming back at ya with the release of the official video for their second single “I Want It.”

“I Want It” is a quick, buzzy song whose blend of poppy hooks with distorted punk sounds is instantly ear-catching. The official video for the track follows Kenny setting off on a mission to Jupiter in a handmade rocket ship.  It also contains some references to the mysterious Toynbee Tiles.

Jessica Kenny shared these words about the new song:

“Street art, graffiti, manifesto? The Toynbee Tiles have been popping up on the busy streets of New York & New Jersey for nearly 30 years. When interpreted literally, these mysterious linoleum murals compel us to travel the heavens in search of mankind’s greatest aspiration, Immortality!

With a song title like ‘I Want It’ we wanted the video to tackle the vast topic of human desire. Our conclusion? Everyone wants more time, and through the careful research of Arnold J. Toynbee, in collaboration with modern sciences, we can finally span the void of space and reach resurrection on Jupiter! We’ll be taking reservations for future flights after our maiden voyage. Join us.”

The Nectars have been creating a buzz around the NYC rock scene after performing at iconic venues the Mercury Lounge, Meatlocker and BoonTunes. The band is looking to announce some UK dates for the Spring soon.


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