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The 131ers share “Rome” music video

The 131ers‘ have shared their official “Rome” music video!

In an interview with New Noise Magazine, bassist Chris Graue shared the inspiration behind the music video. “The song was largely motivated by the kind of two steps forward, one step back feeling that we have in our lives, working demanding jobs and trying to do what we love,” said Graue. “While we were trying to figure out a narrative to set this to for the video, we went to a Denny’s in Santa Barbara after a show. There was a waitress working the night shift, putting up with drunks and rude customers, but she kept her cool and soldiered on. She didn’t seem bothered in the slightest, like she was tapped into a kind of peace with the world. The working-class hero isn’t always the person who gets ahead, but the one who never gives up.”

Watch it here:

The track comes from the band’s Puerto Rico benefit compilation. Get your copy here.

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