ECSTATIC UNION releases new single “Desert Queen”

Today, ECSTATIC UNION is releasing the single “Desert Queen” via Cigar City Management Label Services, ahead of their EP Neurons, coming later this year.

Ecstatic Union’s sound is like a liquid sun-soaked harmony layered psychedelic dance party. Started in 2012 as a kind of solo-spiritual-folk-rock recording project by frontman Rex Costello, after assembling a few core members (including Oliver Hart & recording partner Paul Olsen) the band took on various forms over the years and primarily played as an acoustic folk act. In 2015, while living in his home town on Catalina Island, Costello recorded what would become Ecstatic Union’s second full length album (released in 2017 on Lolipop Records). Over the next year he assembled the band into a complete electrifying 5-piece psychedelic-rock outfit in support of the release. The core members include Rex Costello (Guitar/Vocals), Oliver Hart (2nd Guitar/vocals), Solange Kupersmid (Bass/Vocals), & Bradley Cluff (Organ/Synth/Vocals). The band now primarily resides in Los Angeles, CA where they recently recorded a new EP (Neurons) which is scheduled to release in early summer 2018.

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