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Hard rock duo Satellite Citi release single “Pyramid”

satellite citi band
Satellite Citi are an alt hard rock two piece band hailing from Los Angeles, California. Anna Gevorkian (vocals/drums) and Shaunt Sulahian (guitars/backing vocals) are successful in pushing forth elements of multiple genres to create a truly unique and dynamic realm of sound.
They teamed up with famed rock producer, Brad Wood (Placebo, Smashing Pumpkins) in creating their upcoming debut EP, Negative Space. It is inspired by topics which motivate them lyrically, from societal issues and corruption of politics, to battling internal demons and struggling to find solace. Gevorkian reveals, “the underlying theme in our music would be overcoming negative energy, hence the EP title, Negative Space. We want our music to encourage people to stand up when they’ve fallen”.

Single ‘Pyramid’ features dynamic heavy guitar riffs and melodic stormy vocals.  The song details the massive gap between rich and poor and the power of corruption in modern society.

Negative Space is due for release worldwide spring 2018.
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