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BOOTS drops new EP ‘#DARKDAZE’

Singer/producer BOOTS has just dropped a surprise brand new EP titled #DARKDAZE. The 4 song EP is his first new batch of material since his 2015 debut full length Aquaria. 

Although BOOTS might not be a name you already know, he’s been working in music since 2013. Most notably, maybe, he co-produced and co-wrote a handful of tracks from Beyoncé’s self-titled album. He’s also Kelela and FKA Twigs. But, if you think you haven’t heard his voice before, you probably have. He contributed main vocal lines to two absolute standout Run The Jewels tracks (“Early” and “2100”). Naturally, Run The Jewels have returned the favor and appear on his new EP.

The new EP was announced surprisingly just yesterday, and now it’s available for you to stream. Concerning the new material, BOOTS released this statement:

Tomorrow I will be 31 years old. These numbers are very special to me. The number 13 (4) is a powerful guide in my life. From my birth on Friday the 13th , to another birth on Friday, 12/13/2013.
Born in the ’80s.
Grew up in the ’90s. (the first cassette I filled up was with TLC “Creep” & Radiohead “Creep” back to back repeatedly. Both sides. – 7 years old)
Awake in the present, I believed I could create something that reaches through time to give you an approximate translation of who/how/what I am.
The past few years have been strange, no doubt. But more than ever , I feel overjoyed that through all of the turmoil , humans have art as a language we share with one another. Every day that I wake up, I’m grateful to be alive, and I hope to be a source of light and love toward everyone I encounter.
I want to thank G O D , my family and all of my friends who have supported me, loved me and encouraged me to finish this.

L.L. / Jordan Asher Cruz / -|—/-

Stream #DARKDAZE right here.


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