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Watch Halsey perform her incredible “A Story Like Mine” poem at the Women’s March 2018

"Every friend that I know has a story like mine."

Halsey‘s incredible and empowering speech at the Women’s March in NYC moved people all around the world. The singer and activist delivered a 5-minute original poem titled “A Story Like Mine”. We’d say more about it, but it really just speaks for itself.

Watch here:

The speech grabbed the attention from women like Gina Rodriguez, Sarah Silverman, Arden Cho and Simone Biles, who all took to Twitter to commend the “Bad at Love” singer on her bravery.

Halsey responded to the wide praise on Twitter:

“Be a voice for all those who have prisoner tongues for the people who had to grow up way too young. There is work to be done. There are songs to be sung. Lord knows there’s a war to be won.”

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