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Watch Margo Price play “A Little Pain” on The Late Show

Margo Price released her brilliant sophomore album All American Made last year through Third Man Records. It was just one year after her debut, and it raised the already high bar she had set for herself with her first record.

All American Made is a fully realized piece of work, with tighter arrangements and songs with much bigger subject matters. But, one of the best things about Margo Price is her live performances. She’s always able to take what she put down on record and make it even bigger and more profoundly impactful. Lucky for all of us, she just played on Stephen Colbert’s The Late Show. 

Price does an incredible rendition of “A Little Pain,” one of the biggest highlights of All American Made. This performance encapsulates what makes her such an engaging, brilliant force in music right now. Check out it below.

All American Made is out now. Pick up a copy here.


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