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Stacked Like Pancakes take on Trump in new “45” video

Baltimore’s Stacked Like Pancakes have no problem standing up for what they believe in. With their new song “45”, produced by Matt Squire, the band takes on Trump. Just check out some of the lyrics in the song:

“Here’s to you, you’re my greatest inspiration/To write this declaration/Let’s hope the rest of us survive/But he’s just a guy/Who’s good at marketing his lies/In these extraordinary times/An opportunistic conniving piece of shit

“Fuck you 45, Commander-In-Chief of the great divide/While the rest of us together/Throw our fists up to the sky/And say fuck you 45, oh you’re the enemy manifold/All my friends and I will stand beside the flag you painted gold/I’m not giving in, or giving up/and Im not on my own/So fuck you, 45”

“Have some humility/You rich asshole/He’s just a coward/Trading lives for more and more power/Sitting in his golden fucking tower/Blaming the media for incompetence”

And in case those lyrics were too ambiguous for ya, the video leaves no doubt. Watch the video, animated by Zack White, below:

Pick up “45” here.

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