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Post-hardcore band Slow Boom announce debut EP, share first single

New band, Slow Boom are on track to make a big splash in the noise rock/post hardcore scene with the release of their upcoming debut EP. The band, based out of Northern California, have just announced their signing with California-based label No Sleep Records.

The EP, titled Hex Hex Hex, will be out January 26, but ahead of its release the band have shared their first single “Sarcophaguts.” Of the track, lead singer Jonny Andrews had this to say:

“”Sarcophaguts” is a special song to us because in the live recording process of this EP it was the only one we nailed in one take, and is a perfect example of the intensity and melody we create. This song and the EP lyrically are inspired by the desire to feel like everything is okay, to feel a positive change in a world so devastatingly seeped in anxiety and misery.”

Check out the video for “Sarcophaguts” below. Also check out the cover art and tracklist for Hex Hex Hex after the video.


01 Neon Sequitor
02 Immaculate
03 Sarcophaguts
04 Cataracts
05 Hex Hex Hex


Pre-order Slow Boom’s debut EP Hex Hex Hex via No Sleep Records right here.


Follow Slow Boom on their socials:

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