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Blank City Records to release X-Ray single from The Big Pink feat. Io Echo & Nick Zinner

This month, Blank City Records have something special planned for the release of The Big Pink‘s new single. The new track, “How Far We’ve Come, will be pressed on a limited edition used medical X-Ray. Yep, you read that right. Only 100 pressings of the special blue and clear Flexi vinyl will be available.

“How Far We’ve Come” features Io Echo and Nick Zinner. According to The Big Pink’s frontman Robbie Furze, the song was originally intended for Io Echo.

the big pink robbie furze
Photo Credit: Vincent Perini

“Originally this track came from a writing session for Io Echo with Dave McCracken and me in Salm Studio in London. Somehow I managed to take it for my new record,” explained Furze. “When we started getting into the full production of this track with Jon Gilbert in LA, I was lucky to have Nick Zinner (Yeah Yeah Yeahs) join the mix and add the most amazing wall of guitars. This is the opening track to my new record and it made sense to be the first glimpse of The Big Pink’s third full length. I am very proud to be releasing this on Blank City Records.”

The release is a part of “Blue Monday, a Record Store Day event at Echo Park, Los Angeles November 27th. The event features live band performances and pop-up stores from local labels.

Blank City Records co-founder Marc Sellis talked about his inspiration behind the “Blue Monday” event: “Our ‘Blue Monday’ event isn’t about not supporting our local independent record stores on Record Store Day, it’s a reaction to feeling shut out of that once brilliant independent event by the major labels who are flooding the market with vinyl and pushing their way to the front of the printing presses, which is sending the indie artists and labels to the back of the line and creating delays to their independent releases.”

Sellis continued, “As much as we love many major artists, does the world really need another overpriced Hendrix or Metallica reissue? This certainly isn’t how RSD started out, so we’d like to take it back to its original indie roots for a day. We are very much about community and supporting our local stores, artists and suppliers, but we also want to support our fellow local labels and create that community with them too – we’re not in competition, we’re comrades in arms. Releasing music is tougher than ever, so we’d like to offer our home to our fellow independent labels too and support each other.”

Any local labels interested can email Blank City Records at

The Big Pink also have two live events coming up. This Saturday, catch the band at KROQ Locals Only at Hi Hat, Los Angeles. Following that, The Big Pink will perform at Blank City’s The Nightmare Before Xmas Showcase on December 17th.

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