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Cursive announce 20th anniversary reissues of their first two albums

Seminal indie rock/art punk/emo rock pioneers Cursive have just announced plans to reissue their first two albums for the 20th anniversaries of both. 1997’s Such Blinding Stars For Starving Eyes introduced the band to the world while 1998’s The Storms of Early Summer: Semantics of Song doubled down on their style of angular guitars and frontman Tim Kasher’s emotional, confessional lyrics. The two reissues will come out via Cursive’s/Tim Kasher’s newly launched label, 15 Passenger on December 1.

Reportedly, 15 Passenger was originally started as a means for Cursive to get all the rights back to their early material, most of which was released on the consistently great Omaha-based label Saddle Creek Records. So far the only release of the new label has been Tim Kasher’s most recent solo LP, this year’s No Resolution. That excellent LP doubles as the soundtrack for Kasher’s upcoming film directorial debut (which he also wrote).

Kasher has been a prominent, always fascinating musician in the independent music scene since the 90s. In addition to Cursive and his solo career, he also fronts a second full band, The Good Life. The launch of his (and Cursive bandmates) new label marks a big shift in their careers. Up until this year they have all been a major part of the Omaha music scene with fellow Saddle Creek Records label mates Bright Eyes, The Faint, Azure Ray, and many more.

The move to now reissue Cursive’s under-appreciated first two records is a big treat for longtime fans and the start of the next phase of their now two decades old career. Both albums have long been out of print (with The Storms of Early Summer never seeing a U.S. vinyl release until now). The two reissues come December 1, and they are getting the full remastered (from the original tapes) treatment they so rightfully deserve. Such Blinding Stars For Starving Eyes will be out on blue with a white starburst colored vinyl while The Storms of Early Summer will be on clear vinyl with a white swirl/smoke pattern. Both are limited to 2,000 copies. The new remasters will also be hitting the digital shelves on the same day. Check out mockups of the vinyl editions below:

Pre-order both albums direct from 15 Passenger right here.

The film version of No Resolution is set to be released sometime this Fall.


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