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Watch Julien Baker’s 3 song set on ‘CBS This Morning’

Just last Friday, Julien Baker released what is sure to go down as one of the top whatever best albums of 2017. Turn Out The Lights  is an album brimming with beautiful melodies, moments, moods, and writing. Baker has reached many more listeners with this new record, which is a great thing because people need to know her music. In the spirit of getting her name out there even more, Baker was invited to perform some Turn Out The Lights tracks on CBS This Morning’s Saturday Sessions. Naturally, the performances are incredible.

Watch her performances of lead single “Appointments,” title track “Turn Out The Lights,” and album highlight “Televangelist” below.

Turn Out The Lights is out now via Matador. Head right here to choose whatever platform you want to support by buying it/giving it a listen. You need it.


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