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Rob: Earth-One releases new album, “theneverendingcycle”

The album comes in four different versions beginning and ending in their own special way

Rob: Earth One is a Hip Hop artist, born in Brooklyn, NY. He is currently now living in Fayetteville, NC. He is one of the founding members of the music collective, The Social Contract. He recently drop a new album which is a special project for him. We got a chance to get a first listen and chat a bit about it.

Talk about what this album means to you and the work you put it. How does it feel to finally drop this?This album is very special to me…well, every album is, but this one is different. I feel like I am my truest self with this one. No walls, no hiding any feelings. I’ve always been a fan of coming-of-age films and that ended up playing a huge role in how this album came to be what it is now. I wanted a name that felt like one of those films. I bounced around between a few others before I decided on theneverendingcycle. The meaning behind it is a bit deeper, though.

A lot of the album touches on depression, sadness, love, happiness (or lack there of), etc. There are slow, vibey songs which reflect the low points of life (depression) and then there are hype tracks that reflect the very high points of life (happiness). The tracklist is patterned to give you the feeling of a cycle that never ends. In life, we’re up…then we’re down….up…then down. The first song I wrote and recorded for this was ’11’, back in December. That’s when I knew the direction I wanted to go for the next album. It’s been a long journey to get to this date…October 13, 2017Friday, the 13th and it feels great to know that I finally made it to this point and now I’m able to share this with the world.

What made you want to do the various versions? And why name it theneverendingcycle?
I decided to have different versions for the album because I wanted this one to be really special. Malcolm and I (co-founder of The Social Contract) were sitting and talking about plans for the album one day and somehow, the conversation ended up on Pokemon (haha). We started discussing how the games first dropped in Red, Blue and Yellow versions….”Yo, what if we do that for an album….” and that’s how the idea was born. Each version of the game had some Pokemon specific for its color, so I decided to make a special intro and final track for each version of theneverendingcycle. I’m getting so nostalgic thinking about those Pokemon games, man. lol
What are your plans for this album? Shows?
I plan to do any and everything for this album; shows, interviews, music videos, guest appearances. Everything. This is my biggest piece of work yet. My most important. I have some things lined up that I will be announcing very soon.  To book Rob or any of the Social Contract Members:
theneverendingcycle is Rob: Earth One’s latest solo album release, which comes in four different versions: Green, Black, Orange, and Pink. Each version has its own distinct artwork, booklet, and streaming platform. Links below.

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