Nü Sound catches up with Eyelid Kid about new single “Rosegøld”

Where does the name Eyelid Kid come from?

After acting in a dark and emotional short film in college, the director asked me to come up with a title for it. Eyelid Kid was one of 20ish names scribbled in my journal that I gave to him. Before the film was ever released, I asked him to change the name because I decided to run with that alias.

What’s the story behind the new song “rosegøld”?
“rosegøld” came pretty naturally by just spending time in the studio and reworking old chord progressions with new sounds. Most of it was recorded in one session and then tweaked over the following summer months. I recorded all the vocals myself and had a lot of fun transposing and chopping them up. All in all, I became pretty attached to it’s glittery crunch.
Photo Credit: Storm Santos.

Who had the idea for the “Landscape” video?

The idea for the Landscape music video was inspired by an old abandoned house that Violett Beane and I stumbled into one night… That sounds like an episode of Stranger Things or something but it’s the truth haha. We sat in one of the upstairs bedrooms and begin talking about how it could be a pretty intense location for a music video. We began snowballing ideas off each other and stayed up all night conceptualizing it. It was a super fun and exhilarating music video to make! Click here to see the video.
For those who haven’t seen you live, how would you describe your shows and atmosphere?
The live show is dark but energetic and romantic. It has a youthful but conscious vibe to it. It is a lucid dream where you are free to explore what you want most from life in that moment.
What are your plans for the end of 2017?
More music, more merch, more videos, and more shows! Thank you so much for keeping up!
– EK xx

Brian Cetina

I am a graphic designer at MadPark Designs and co-founder of Nü Sound. I like to make cool stuff and be involved in music anyway I can. Tattoos are cool and I like typography.

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