Ollie Gabriel drops new video for “Running Man”

What got you started in music?
I really started taking music seriously when I was about 12 years old. I would send my demos all over the country and my mom would enter me into talent contest.

Who were some of your influences and who do you currently listen to?
I love all the obvious soul legends of course, Otis redding, James Brown, Al Green .  Growing up in Louisiana however I was influenced by so many genres.  Country, rock, gospel, jazz, reggae, and even Cajun which is in French.  My taste are  just as diverse now as they were then. I’m listening to Jay Z right now, J. Cole ,The Killers new album,  and Bobby Womack.  You never know with me.

How did you meet the rest of the folks who play with you?
I’ve been really fortunate to have a lot of musician friends who are talented,  I  have not completely locked down a “band” but the good thing is  I have options when it’s time to do a show .

What are some of your favorite venues to perform at? Larger scale vs intimate setting?
I recently did a show at The Mint and that was really cool,  I love the sound and lights there!  It was an intimate gig and the energy was incredible.   I’ve done the larger shows to 40,000 people in the energy is incredible there too, I don’t think I have a favorite yet. I just love performing

How do you feel you’ve grown and gotten better since your first show?
I could definitely see my progression. I think that happens mostly when you have experience and I’ve been fortunate to have some incredible opportunities  to grow.  I am definitely more confident and know who I am as an artist,  then when I first started, but of course that is expected.

What is it like knowing your hard work/dedication is paying off?
It  it is a beautiful thing to see your hard work pay off, it also reminds you that everything takes time, and you just have to be patient.

Have any good tour stories?
Yeah but I’ll save that question until I have something really crazy to share.

What’s next for the back half of 2017?
You can expect to see a lot of performances for me especially on the West Coast. You can also expect To get some new music from me.

What are three words to describe your music to those who might not know you?
Funky good time.


Brian Cetina

I am a graphic designer at MadPark Designs and co-founder of Nü Sound. I like to make cool stuff and be involved in music anyway I can. Tattoos are cool and I like typography.

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