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Railz the Principle drops new album “Does This Mic Make Me Look Fat?”


“I don’t do anything better than how I do music so i’m claiming this lifestyle”

Railz The Principle

Charlotte Hip-Hop Artist Railz the Principle release his new album “Does This Mic Make Me Look Fat?” on band camp this week. Railz, originally from Long Island, NY and part of Pride Rock, will be performing July 14 at the Nü Sound Summer Showcase. Tickets can be purchased here. And you can listen to his album below and pic it up here.

“The desire to be relatable to people all over, what keeps me creating is the simple fact that music and art in general has never failed us EVER while everything else at some point in time has let us down Government/politics/Society.” Said Railz. “Pretty much you name it and it can’t hold a candle to the\
power of art. And I feel entitled to be apart of that world as everyone should.”


Brian Cetina

I am a graphic designer at MadPark Designs and co-founder of Nü Sound. I like to make cool stuff and be involved in music anyway I can. Tattoos are cool and I like typography.

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