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New music: “Walls” by Angel B and Shannyn Casino


Angel B Is from Greenville, SC where she began singing at a very early age. Her unique humming bird voice will capture a place inside your soul that lets you feel exactly where she is coming from.

Her style and beauty is one of a kind.

We are sure you will be hearing a lot more from her very soon.

Shannyn Casino, from Boston,Ma., is a singer/song-writer, producer (Scolium Music), and even a dancer/choreographer who does some acting as well.

Now living in Charlotte, he has been on the scene for quite some time. His very versatile skill set allows him to camouflage into whatever it takes to make thenso8nd and image come to life right through your speakers.

We are sure he will be around for more features to come.


-From Press Release



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