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Video Premier: Jeremy Sanchez drops new cypher

Jeremy Sanchez is 21 years old and represents Charlotte, NC.

He was born in Westchester, New York but moved to NC in 2005. He has been rapping as a hobby for a little over 2 years. He loves love Hip Hop more than any genre because of its ability to communicate raw emotion, stories, and intense lyricism.

He’s not a big fan of “mumble/gangsta” rap you find on the radio because Sanchez thinks it misrepresents a big portion of what Rap is to most people. He would like to see more people care about the substance of the music rather than the substance people talk about in the songs.

Most of his key influences are underground artists. Aside from Eminem, Hopsin, King Los, and Andy Mineo whom most people are familiar with, He looks up to artists like Deuce B, Lil Nikk N9ne, Shizzy Sixx, KAAN, Witt Lowry, NF, Bizzle, and the Teambackpack movement.

“Mainstream Rap has taken a cultural step back and its up to the little guy to put it back on track. That’s where I come in.”  – Jeremy Sanchez



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I am a graphic designer at MadPark Designs and co-founder of Nü Sound. I like to make cool stuff and be involved in music anyway I can. Tattoos are cool and I like typography.

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